Car Wash

Packages Offered:


Exterior Wash

Your car is completely washed, rinsed and dried. All whitewall is cleaned and brightened.

Rainbow Triple Foam Sealant

Three color polymer foam wax treatment. The ultimate in luster and shine.

Beauty Glow Complete Protectant

A thick coat of polish is applied to your car to add extra protection and shine, adding sheen to the whole vehicle, including the difficult to shine areas

Sealer Wax

Give your car the added luster and sheen of a quality Carnauba spray wax. Protects unreachable areas too!

Underbody Bath

The entire underside of your car is given a bath to clean built-up dirt and grime.

Rust Inhibitor

First: The underside of your car is pressure washed.
Second: A protective coating of Rust Preventor is applied to the underside of your car.

Wheel Brite

Every wheel is cleaned and brightened by our special two-step removal treatment.

Self Service Shampooing

Industrial strength carpet and upholstery shampoo with spot removal treatment.

Self Service Vacuums